VIZIO E420d-A0 Review: Is it the Best LED 42 inch TV?

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amazon us small orange VIZIO E420d A0 Review: Is it the Best LED 42 inch TV?

In recent years we’ve seen some pretty amazing HDTVs hit the market. And while not every manufacturer is creating top-of-the-line models, we have noticed that Vizio has consistently managed to crank out some darned impressive models. Case in point – their popular VIZIO E420d-A0 42 inch flat screen HDTV. This TV is a total home entertainment device that allows you to not only enjoy cable programming, DVDs and video games, but you can also stream all the latest and greatest online entertainment media directly to the big, crystal clear 42 inch screen.

We know that this model already sounds impressive, but we want potential customers to know more about this TV prior to buying it. It’s important that you only purchase a TV that gives you EVERYTHING you expect. To help you find out if the VIZIO E420d-A0 delivers all that you demand from a higher-end television, we’ve done exhaustive research and have put the results of our research together for you here in this informative VIZIO E420d-A0 review.

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VIZIO E420d-A0 Review – High Resolution Picture

Okay, to get this HDTV review started off on the right foot, it’s important for us to first discuss the picture quality this model provides. As you probably already guessed, this TV puts out full 1080p high definition resolution. That’s as good as you can get from any TV, so it’s safe to say that the picture quality this model is capable of is more than enough to satisfy even the most hardened of viewers. And since the refresh rate is nice and fast, the picture is always clear and concise, even when there is a lot of fast moving action or sports programming on the big screen. To sum up our take on the picture quality – Vizio hit a real home run with this model.

Vizio Internet Apps

We have to mention just how cool the built-in Vizio Internet Apps are. These apps allow you to wirelessly stream all the best online entertainment – we’re talking stuff like NetFlix, Amazon Instant Video, HULU and more – right to the big, clear 42 inch screen. For people who want these features on an even larger screen, there are other models in this series, like the VIZIO E500d-A0 and the VIZIO E551d-A0. All models in the E-Series give you the Vizio Internet Apps, which takes your at-home movie and TV show viewing to a whole new level.

VIZIO E420d-A0 42 inch Flat Screen TV Features and Product Details

  • The Vizio Internet Apps allow you to enjoy online entertainment choices, music apps and more.
  • True 1080p high definition resolution provides a detailed picture.
  • 3D Playback allows you to enjoy the latest 3D movies at home.
  • LED Technology makes for a brighter, richer picture on the big 42 inch screen.
  • Fast refresh rate reduces flickers, blurs and freeze-ups.
  • Slim frame design gives this TV a sleek, attractive appearance that looks good on the wall or in an entertainment center.
  • Dimensions: With Stand: 37.91”W x 24.39”H x 7.27”D Without Stand: 37.91”W x 22.58”H x 3.23”D Packaging Dimensions: 40.55”W x 28.03”H x 5.87”D
  • 2 Million:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Comes with 2 pairs of battery free, theater-quality 3D glasses.

A Word on 3D Viewing

One of the major selling points of the VIZIO E420d-A0 HDTV is that it is capable of full-on 3D viewing. As you know, some of the best movies in recent years have been available in 3D format. Most standard TVs just don’t give you the playback ability to enjoy those types of movies. Now, it is true that this model allows for full 3D playback, but you need to keep in mind that you’ll need a blu-ray player that is fully 3D compliant in order to take advantage of this technology. Some people were under the impression that they’d be able to enjoy a 3D viewing experience with this TV, but did not have a 3D compatible DVD player. As you can imagine, those folks were a little bit disappointed when they realized they had to purchase a 3D blu-ray player to make the most of their TV.

So, our word of warning to potential customers is that if you plan on watching 3D movies on this TV, be sure that your Blu-Ray/DVD player is up to the task at hand. We don’t want to see any of our readers disappointed when they attempt to enjoy an immersive 3D viewing experience on this HDTV.

Customer Posted VIZIO E420d-A0 Reviews and Scores

Any time you are going to invest money in a new TV, you want the assurance that you are getting the right model from your home. It is therefore a good idea to see what real life customers have to say about their experiences with this model. As we were doing our online research, we found over one hundred and fifty customer reviews and testimonials for this Vizio 42 inch flat screen TV. And while this model did not earn a perfect score, it did manage to get a pretty high 4.3 out of 5.0 star customer satisfaction rating. The majority of customers who took time to post reviews online gave this model either perfect or near perfect ratings.

Our VIZIO E420d-A0 Review Conclusion

We all know that no HDTV is perfect. As good as today’s best models are, there are always going to be some features or lack of features that some people won’t be happy about. However, given all the cool features and cutting edge audio/visual technology packed into the VIZIO E420d-A0 42-inch 1080p 120Hz LED Smart 3D HDTV, we feel safe in saying that this model really is one of the most impressive HDTVs to have come down the pike in quite some time. If you’re looking for a TV that has lots of cool features and a great picture – without costing an arm and a leg – this may very well be the 42 inch flat screen TV that you’ve been waiting for.

amazon us small orange VIZIO E420d A0 Review: Is it the Best LED 42 inch TV?


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