Vizio E220VA Review: How does this Flat Screen TV rate?

Vizio hasn’t been around as long as some of the other television manufacturers, so we were a little hesitant about what we’d find when we stared researching for this Vizio E220VA review. At first glance, the Vizio E220VA LCD TV looks a lot like smaller LCD TVs from some of the other, more well known manufacturers. But with so many people posting positive Vizio E220VA LCD TV reviews online, we knew there had to be a bit more to this model. As you read through this entire Vizio E220VA review, you’ll find out everything you need to decide if this is the TV you’ve been looking for.

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Vizio E220VA LCD TV LED Technology

One of the features that really sets the Vizio E220VA LCD TV apart from other 22 inch LCD TVs is the amazing utilization of LED technology packed into this TV. Nearly all the best LCD TVs utilize LED back lighting, but few that we’ve seen can match how Vizio has integrated superior picture lighting technology into the Vizio E220VA LCD TV. From being energy efficient to providing superior levels of color and contrast, it’s evident that the LED picture technology used in the Vizio E220VA LCD TV is a cutting edge feature that really makes this smaller television shine like no other small set that we’ve seen.

Vizio E220VA LCD TV Features & Specs

  • 22-inch class (21.53-inch viewable) LED-backlit LCD HDTV
  • Enjoy the ultimate in HD viewing with 1080p resolution
  • Energy efficient, mercury-free LED backlighting for bright colors and superior contrast levels
  • Integrated light sensor adjusts the backlighting to provide the best picture for the surroundings
  • Use the USB port to view your digital photographs on the screen
  • Two HDMI inputs for connecting your Full HD sources

After checking out all the features and specs, we can honestly say that we were pretty impressed by the Vizio E220VA LCD TV. About the only thing we wished is that the sound quality was a bit better. But after checking out all the best TVs around these days, we’ve found that sub-par integrated audio is almost to be expected. For every day viewing and casual TV watching, the speakers will work fine. But if you want to make the most of audio from today’s best movies, you may want to pick up a soundbar or external speakers for this television.

Vizio E220VA Reviews From Customers

We don’t want you to just take our word for things when reading this Vizio E220VA LCD review, so we found out what real life customers have to say about this TV online. After looking at well over 50 customer reviews for the Vizio E220VA LCD TV, we found that people really enjoy this television. It has scored a very high 4.4 star customer satisfaction rating; which is one of the highest scores for a television in this price range.

Vizio may not have been making TVs for as long as Panasonic, Sony or some of the other big companies. But after checking out all they had to offer in the Vizio E220VA LCD TV, it’s easy to see why they are quickly becoming one of the best TV manufacturers in the world. If you need a small TV that packs a big punch, you’re sure to like the Vizio E220VA LCD TV.

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