Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 Review: 3D TV at its best?

Customers have always had a right to expect more from the televisions that they purchase. And with today’s models being packed with all sorts of new technology and features, it’s only fair for people to expect even more from the latest/greatest models. After years of reviewing the best models on the market, we’ve always been satisfied with Sony’s flat screen television offerings. However, when we noticed how many Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 reviews from customers were popping up around the Internet, we got curious. What is it that makes this HDTV such a standout in such a highly competitive industry?

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We took that curiosity a step further, and actually put in some time doing serious research on this model. If you’ve been considering purchasing the Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 3D HDTV, you may want to read on to see how it stacks up. That way, you’ll have all the facts before you make your final buying decision.

Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 HDTV – Picture Quality

When you’re buying a new TV, there’s no single feature that should matter more to you than picture quality. Every time we check out a new TV, we make it a priority to see how good of a picture it provides. And when the Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 was put to the test – it passed with flying colors. Not only does the screen look flawless on this model, but the full 1080p HD resolution, along with Sony’s OptiContrast technology, all combine to provide clear, defined, vibrant images for every movie, show or game that you watch on this TV.

And while we’re talking about the picture quality, let’s say something about the physical screen itself. The screen built into the Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 is made of the super-tough, world famous Corning Gorilla Glass. This material is brilliant, crystal-clear and designed to be scratch resistant. That means that you can count on the screen staying well protected from little accidents that might wreck a less durable screen.

Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 – Features & Technical Specifications

  • Gives you full HD (1080p) resolution for 2D & 3D
  • The sleek OptiContrast panel is constructed from tough Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Motionflow XR960 technology provides smooth, precise details on the screen
  • Intelligent Peak LED lighting provides optimized dimming and brightness features for the best contrast of any flat screen TV
  • Wireless BRAVIA Internet TV and Widgets for a wide variety of streaming media and other digital Internet content

With nearly 100 Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 reviews posted from real life customers, this model has earned a very high 4.5 out of 5.0 star customer satisfaction score. That score makes this one of the highest rated flat screen TVs on the market today. And with its emphasis on a great picture, wireless capability and the super-tough screen, we consider the Sony BRAVIA XBR55HX929 55-Inch 1080p 3D Local-Dimming LED HDTV to be one of the best TVs that money can buy.

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