Seiki Digital SE32HY10 Review: Is it the Bargain HDTV Find of the Year?

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amazon us small orange Seiki Digital SE32HY10 Review: Is it the Bargain HDTV Find of the Year?

We all love to get more from our money, right? Whether you’re buying a new car or a new TV, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting a great bargain. Well, the Seiki Digital SE32HY10 HDTV has been touted as the ultimate, bargain priced 32 inch HDTV for some time now. We wanted to find out if this TV really does provide you with more features for your money or if it was just another over-hyped, yet cheaply made TV. We did a lot of research on this TV and now that we are done with that research we are ready to pass our findings along to you in this in depth Seiki Digital SE32HY10 review. If you’re wondering if this is the right TV for your home, keep on reading to find out the whole truth about this popular flat screen TV.

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Seiki Digital SE32HY10 Review – Picture Quality Overview

To be quite honest with you, we didn’t expect a TV that sells for less than two hundred dollars to impress us with its picture quality. However, the Seiki Digital SE32HY10 HDTV actually does a pretty good job of delivering a high quality, detailed and vibrant picture. Colors look true to life on the 32 inch screen, and the contrast rates seem on par with what you might expect from a much more expensive TV model. The bottom line is that this TV gives you a picture that seems to be every bit as good as most other 32 inch HDTVs that are on the market these days.

Comes with Integrated Amplified Speakers

This TV features built-in, amplified speakers. That being said, though, the overall sound quality isn’t all that great. No, this TV’s audio quality isn’t any worse than most other 32 inch models, but the amplification certainly doesn’t make the speakers any louder either. The bottom line is that with nearly all flat screen TVs, you’re always better off hooking them up to an external speaker source if you want a cinema-like, immersive listening experience. However, if you are watching normal TV programming or aren’t all that much of an audiophile, you’ll probably find that the on-board speakers are more than adequate for your needs.

3 HDMI Inputs

We were expecting this model to only have a single HDMI input; as is common on lower priced HDTVs of this size. Imagine our surprise, then, when we found out the Seiki Digital SE32HY10 HDTV actually has 3 HDMI inputs. The availability of multiple high def inputs means that you can easily hook up your cable/satellite box, your video game console and even a Blu-Ray or DVD player. It’s nice to find a TV in this price range that offers more than the obligatory one or two HDMI ports.

Seiki Digital SE32HY10 Features, Technical Specs and Product Details

Now we need to take a look at all of the pertinent technical information related to this flat screen TV. We have listed out for you the high level features and details that you should keep in mind if you are planning on purchasing this TV for your home or apartment. Take a look at the following list to see if this TV meets your expectations:

  • TV Dimensions: TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 29.21-Inch x 17.64-Inch x 3.42-Inch, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 29.21-Inch x 19.37-Inch x 8.07-Inch
  • Features a Contrast Ratio of 3000:1
  • One year replacement policy included with purchase
  • Weighs less than 10.5 pounds
  • Other similar models from this manufacturer include the Seiki Digital SE19HY10, Seiki Digital SE28HY10 as well as larger sized models
  • Energy Star compliance helps you to reduce energy usage and utility bills
  • Easy screen set up options
  • Built in, amplified speakers

Customer Seiki Digital SE32HY10 Reviews

Do you like to know more than just technical facts about the TV you plan on purchasing? If so, we have some good news for you; we’ll be covering what some actual customers think about this TV in this section. You see, it’s always nice to know what people think about a product before you commit to purchasing it for yourself. With that in mind, we made sure to find out what customers have to say about their experiences with the Seiki Digital SE32HY10 32 inch HDTV.

We found over thirty online reviews from actual customers. Many of the folks who posted online reviews for this TV said that they couldn’t believe how high quality this model is at such a low price. There were even a few people who said that they would expect to pay a heck of a lot more for this TV than they did when they purchased it. It seems that this HDTV really is the choice for people who want a 32 inch model that won’t break their budget. This model has earned a very high 4.2 out of 5.0 star customer satisfaction rating, which indicates that the majority of people who took the time to review it gave it pretty high marks.

Seiki Digital SE32HY10 Review Conclusion

By this point in our Seiki Digital HDTV review we have pretty much covered all of the most important information. You’ve read about the overall picture quality, some information about high def input ports and have even found out what real life customers think about this TV. Now we need to render our final verdict on this HDTV. Is the Seiki Digital SE32HY10 32 inch HDTV the bargain HDTV find of the year? In our opinion, you’d be very hard pressed indeed to find another 32 inch flat screen TV that offers a high quality picture and the other cool features you get from this model at such a low price point. With this model selling for less than two hundred dollars online, there simply aren’t any other 32 inch models that can offer you as much TV for your purchasing dollar as this model does.

amazon us small orange Seiki Digital SE32HY10 Review: Is it the Bargain HDTV Find of the Year?


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