Samsung UN50EH5300 Review – Is It a Great HDTV?

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So what makes a great TV? People respond to this in terms of crystal-clear picture quality. In the CRT era, picture rendition was the measurement of a TV’s superiority. Now all CRT TVs pale in comparison with today’s HDTVs. HDTV stands for High-definition television.

It does live to its name. HDTVs can render picture at 720p and/or 1080p resolution on screen. There were HDTVs manufactured that display 1080i resolution before. But most of them were discontinued in favor for the superior 1080p. The Samsung UN50EH5300 is an example of a good 1080p HDTV. But it’s more than that. Let’s find out in this review.

Samsung UN50EH5300 Samsung UN50EH5300 Review – Is It a Great HDTV?

Samsung UN50EH5300 Specs And Other Features

  • A Smart Hub for accessing Samsung Apps and TV or Internet interactivity
  • Experience seamless wireless connectivity with a built-in Wi-Fi
  • Better family bonding with Samsung’s Signature Services
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus for maximum viewing pleasure
  • See USB content through ConnectShare
  • Full 2D at 1080p HD
  • SRS High-definition technology for great audio
  • 3 HDMI connections for your HDMI-enabled devices

Before moving on to discuss some other important things regarding this latest Samsung model, we shall tackle first the progressive scan.

Lines of a frame are used to “paint” moving images on the TV screen. Television has a sophisticated way of storing, transmitting and displaying images to you and it does through those lines. Progressive scanning draws each line in sequence.

This is a direct contrast to interlace scanning wherein the odd numbered lines are drawn prior to the even numbered lines. The result is that the interlace scan can only transmit half of those lines which causes the blurring effect as seen on the TV screen.

Progressive scan transmits in full which takes out or lessens the blur. Manufacturers are delighted with progressive scanning that nearly all HDTVs you’ve seen today are run by it.

A Sharp Black Look

This Samsung HDTV model has a 50-inch display panel when measured diagonally. Yes, it’s huge. This large screen size is perfect for the family of three and more.

LED is used as the backlight technology. LEDs offer better picture quality with fewer risks incurred in continuous use. The UN50EH5300’s width is 44.8-inch. The height and depth are 26.4 and 3.7-inch respectively. If you count including with the stand still attached, then this would be 28.5 and 9.8-inch. The TV’s weight is 40.3 pounds or 34.6 pounds if the stand is taken out.

The TV’s shiny black bezel looks virtually unnoticeable due to the black color of its screen. In dark rooms, this observation is especially true.

A light can betray the bezel’s supposed invisibility or when you watch a movie. The stand is also painted black, making this unit’s overall look uniform but sharp. This stand has an elliptical shape and is flat enough to support the 50-inch display panel.

The Finest Video And Audio Quality

Awesome picture quality is expected from an HDTV. The Samsung UN50EH5300 seems to deliver that promise. This brand delivers a 1080p image resolution on screen. This number is the highest progressive scan resolution that a modern HDTV can deliver.

The image details are lush and the colors are vibrant. Though LCDs’ picture quality is not at par with plasmas, this does not deter people from buying LCDs. Today, LCD is more affordable and commonplace. And it’s not just on HDTVs. Part of this near-exceptional image quality is the set’s Wide Color Plus feature. Samsung claims that this feature helps in rendering image even better.

Audio is pretty decent in this HDTV. The speakers did give off clear sounds to movies’ sound effects and actors’ dialogues. LCD TVs often have a reputation for bad or average audio delivery. Again this all depends on their user’s taste.

TVs has audio settings wherein you can adjust the treble, bass and other settings until your ears become satisfied. The UN50EH5300 also includes the SRS High-definition sound — just like its Samsung UN60ES6100 cousin. This is basically Surround Sound but in hi-def quality.

Surround sound makes you think that the sound is coming from everywhere. There are a lot of speakers in the market today that supports Surround Sound technology.

Enjoy More With More Connections And Features

Movie players, video game consoles and even PCs can be connected to televisions. Since TVs can’t play CDs or run computer programs on their own, other devices are needed to fill in these needs. Good thing that the Samsung UN50EH5300 has varied ports for these devices.

It got three HDMI inputs, two for USBs and one connection for component, digital AV and Ethernet. You can hear or see the devices’ contents without sacrificing the TV’s already awesome picture and sound qualities.

The EH5300 series is a part of Samsung’s Smart TV line-up. In Smart TV, you can browse social networking sites and watch video streams. This can be done through accessing the Smart Hub. The Hub is an interface where the apps and options are presented for easy success.

You can search for movies, websites or music while you watch your favorite TV program. Samsung has its own DNLA-enabled products wherein you can view or hear the contents seamlessly through the AllShare feature. Now you can share these DLNA contents with your loved ones. Other Smart TVs like the Samsung UN40ES6100 have Smart Hubs also.

Great Deal For A 50-inch HDTV?

Saying that the Samsung UN50EH5300 is the best big TV on the market is an overstatement. We believe that this unit is one of the best.

However, its $1,000 plus price tag may turn off some people. But again this is a very large TV with online features, so the price is justifiable. A growing number of viewers today are going for large-sized HDTVs. This seems to be a growing trend as stated by the news.

Last time we checked, the UN50EH5300 was discounted. The brand also received a 4.2 star rating in online reviews. It also earned a 4.1 Greenpeace policy rating.

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