Samsung UN40EH5300 Review – Is This the Best 2D LED TV Today?

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Cathode Ray Tube or CRT television has its share of glory in the past decades. CRT is considered the most modern display panel in the old millennium. Television viewing has become easy and more entertaining to the viewers at that time.

Now, LCD TVs like the Samsung UN40EH5300 have dethroned CRT as the king of television. Once affordable to the few and the rich, LCD TV has become the common companion in every household.

This newest display panel technology uses backlights like LEDs or TFTs to produce better TV picture quality. In this review, we will elaborate Samsung’s latest LED-LCD HDTV caters to the public.

Samsung UN40EH5300 Samsung UN40EH5300 Review – Is This the Best 2D LED TV Today?

Samsung UN40EH5300 Technical Specs and Other Features

  • Triple Treat Signature Services
  • Crystal-Clear 1080p Full 2D Resolution
  • SRS TheaterSound in HD
  • Excellent image rendition with Wide Color Enhancer Plus
  • 3 HDMI Connections
  • 2 USB Connections
  • Advanced interactivity with Smart Hub
  • Search for your favorite movies with ConnectShare

LCD is short for liquid crystal display. LED means light emitting diode. This is a semiconductor device that is used by many manufacturers as backlights to their TV units. Samsung is an avid user of LED-LCD technology.

This technology has fewer risks from other display types and is quite affordable. In fact, LCDs are used by many devices around the world like computer monitors and instrument panels. This proves that this type of panel display is very versatile.

Sales of LED-LCD technology are expected to rise in the future, as more and more people are impressed by its reliability and cost-effectiveness. But LED-LCD technology has its disadvantages and it can’t compete with Plasma panels for the best picture quality. However, majority of the people still buy LED-LCDs.

Brilliant Picture Display, Nice Sound

The picture quality of the Samsung UN40EH5300 is virtually fantastic. Colors are vibrant and the darker areas are deep. Despite of the fact it has a refresh rate of 60 Hz only, we are tantalized by this brilliant display.

It seems that there’s dimming on the corners, but it wasn’t so major. Perhaps the lighting balances it. The screen looks partially glossy. Reflections might occur on the screen, but these are not too noticeable, since this TV uses LCD.

Glare usually occurs in high-lit places. LCD uses a non-reflective plastic screen. Try placing your TV in an area where the light is not too bright, or do something in your room to keep the light at the minimum.

Audio from built-in speakers can be huge issue for some people. You may or may not be satisfied by the sound of this Samsung model. For us, the sound delivery is pretty above average. There is a good explanation for this.

Speakers do not have a large room inside the TV, especially on thinner sets. This affects the design of built-in speakers. Try to purchase other enhanced audio devices like the ones with subwoofers, Surround or the sound bars. These devices are among the buyers’ top choices.

Size May Not Matter

At 40 inches, the Samsung UN40EH5300 is moderately large. This is good to be placed in your living room. You can still put this set in a small room, provided that you put a leeway for it. If no, if you can, try purchasing a mounting device to stick this TV on your wall. Get a VESA device with 200 mm x 200 mm in size.

You should check also that your wall is strong enough while being screwed. The width of this model is 36.5 inches. Its height and depth is 23.9 inches and 9.8 inches respectively. Weight is 24.0 pounds.

Now for its bezel frame and stand. They’re both glossy black. Black seems to be the top choice amongst TV manufacturers these days.

Black goes well with other colors. A black TV can complement any background in your house. The stand is elliptical in appearance.

This is in contrast to other brands like the Samsung PN51E7000 which has a silvery X-shaped stand. It looks stable and can support the 40-inch screen. The base is really flat to provide good stability.

Expand the Fun

High-Definition TV viewing is not without connections to other devices. This Samsung model is no exception. It got three HDMI ports like the Samsung UN40ES6500. HDMI provides the best content quality you can find today.

If you can afford this interface, try hooking up your video game console, DVD or Blu-Ray player and other compatible devices to experience their contents at their finest. There are two ports for your USB devices. Now you can finally see movies and photos as well as hear music in your USB devices on a 40-inch screen.

This set has also a single internet connection for online access. There is also a built-in Wi-Fi for wireless online connection.

Speaking of online access, you can stream online movies and do social networking with this TV through Samsung Smart Content. This is a Smart TV by the way.

Samsung Smart TVs allow you to access apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter and others. You can do this while watching your favorite movies or TV programs. There are also the Samsung Signature Services and the Smart Hub. These two offer various options from exercises to sharing family pictures.

If you have DNLA-connected Samsung devices, you can use and connect them through the AllShare feature. This allows you to share content without a need for a network or connector.

This Might Be Your Dream TV

The Samsung UN40EH5300 has its pros and cons. It is not a perfect TV or the worst type either. Also it should be noted here that this set does not support 3D movies. But again it’s not a requirement for most HDTV buyers, despite being the latest and hottest feature this year.

We can say that this Samsung HDTV is made to give the best out of 2D viewing. It earned 4.3 stars out of 5 in other online reviews. So this means that this TV is very good. But again, the decision to buy or not to buy is entirely up to you.

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