Ocosmo 32-Inch Review: Is it a Contender for the Best 32 Inch HDTV?

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amazon us wide light Ocosmo 32 Inch Review: Is it a Contender for the Best 32 Inch HDTV?

It’s not often that an HDTV comes out of left field and surprises customers. But that appears to be exactly what has happened with the introduction of the popular Ocosmo 32-Inch HDTV. This 32 inch flat screen TV may not boast a name that everyone can recognize, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a serious contender for the best 32 inch TV title. With a crystal clear, high definition picture and additional features that people are looking for when shopping for HDTVs, it’s clear that the makers of this model have set a new standard for affordable flat screen TVs.

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However, we don’t expect anyone to buy this TV just because it’s popular. We always want to give you the insider information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. This might be the right TV for your home, or you might be better of purchasing a different HDTV. To decide for yourself, you need to know a bit more about this model. Well, we did the hard work for you and have fully researched this 32 inch HDTV. Now you can read all about what we found out in this in depth Ocosmo 32-Inch review.

Ocosmo 32-Inch Review – Is the Picture Quality up to Expectations?

Let’s start off where every HDTV review should – talking about the picture quality. If you’re looking for a TV to put in the spare bedroom, home office or even in your living room, chances are the picture quality is the most important feature to you. Well, we can say that this model goes above and beyond what you’d expect to find in a 32 inch HDTV. Many 32 inch models give you just 720p high definition resolution. The Ocosmo 32-Inch, however, gives you a bit more – with its true 1080p high definition resolution capabilities. You get the absolute maximum resolution rate to enjoy every detail that displays on the brilliant, clear 32 inch screen.

While not everyone can notice the difference between 720p resolution and 1080 high def resolution on 32 inch screens, it is a positive sign, indeed, that the makers of this particular model have opted to give their customers a higher resolution picture for their money. If you want to get the most TV – meaning the best picture – for your TV-buying dollar, this is a flat screen TV that won’t let you down.

Thin Frame and Sleek Profile

An HDTV should look good whether it’s up and running or just sitting in any room of your home. The Ocosmo 32-Inch features a very sleek, thin profile and frame that makes it look wonderful in just about any setting. With its black frame, this is an HDTV that blends in perfectly with just about any type of décor. If you want to be assured that your new TV will go with your existing furniture, paint and overall room design, we think you’ll get that assurance from this attractive, streamlined HDTV.

About the Audio Quality

The Ocosmo 32-Inch HDTV, like other models, includes integrated speakers. However, you’ll probably find that you’re not going to get true theater-like audio from these on-board speakers. While we weren’t too impressed with the overall sound quality produced by the native speaker set up, we weren’t all that underwhelmed either. The truth is that just about every flat screen TV these days needs the additional boost of home theater speakers or a soundbar in order to give you the booming, rich tones that you get when you watch a movie at the local theater. Long story short – the audio quality isn’t necessarily bad, but if you want a truly immersive viewing/listening experience you’ll definitely want to hook this HDTV up to some kind of external speaker source.

Ocosmo 32-Inch Features, Specifications and Product Details

  • Sleek, ultra-thin frame makes for a TV that looks great in any setting.
  • 32 inch LED display provides bright, vibrant colors.
  • 1080p high definition resolution for a superior picture.
  • Comes with 3 HDMI ports for all your high def components.
  • MHL port and USB port for even more expandability.
  • ATSC/NTSC and Clear QAM
  • 60Hz refresh rate for a smooth, blur-free picture.
  • Easy to mount on the wall – 200 by 200 Vesa Standard
  • Weighs just 23 pounds
  • Energy Star compliant to save you money on electricity costs.

Customer Ocosmo 32-Inch Reviews

Now, we all know that the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. That means that you really need to know what actual customers have to say about their experiences with this TV, in order to know if it’s the right model for you. While we were doing our in depth research for this Ocosmo 32-Inch review, we ended up finding nearly a dozen customer reviews for this TV. And get this – the average customer satisfaction score so far is 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. That remarkably high score makes this the highest rated 32 inch flat screen TV on the market today. Granted, it hasn’t been reviewed by hundreds of people, but that high score pretty much speaks for itself.

Our Ocosmo 32-Inch Review Conclusion

Now that you know a bit more about this TV, and have seen the very high customer satisfaction scores that it has earned, you are in a better position to decide if this is the right 32 inch flat screen TV for your home. We do have to say that even though this model is not made by one of the best known manufacturers, it is by no means a TV that anyone should overlook when shopping around for a real bargain. And since the Ocosmo 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED-Lit TV sells for just a hair over two hundred dollars, it really is the ideal flat screen TV for people who want to get a great picture from their new TV without breaking their budget in the process!

amazon us wide light Ocosmo 32 Inch Review: Is it a Contender for the Best 32 Inch HDTV?


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