LG 42CS560 Review: Defining What HDTV Really Means

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High Definition Television could mean expensive TV sets for some people. But it really isn’t. Some HDTV units like the LG 42CS560 costs below $700 — while at the same time providing good quality picture and sound. Let us check first its features and physical dimensions.

LG 42CS560 LG 42CS560 Review: Defining What HDTV Really Means

LG 42CS560 Technical Specifications and Special Features

  • Full 1080p HD resolution
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) of 100,000:1
  • HDMI and USB inputs
  • Picture Wizard II
  • Smart Energy Saving technology
  • Intelligent Sensor technology

The 42CS560’s screen size is at 42 inches and weighs 33.3 pounds. Hence, this unit is fairly light-weight and small enough to fit in a small room. If you are a type of person who constantly transfers his or her TV set, then this model might be practical for you. Its height reaches at 27.5 inches including the stand, and with a depth of 10.4 inches.

If you like to mounting TV sets on the wall, you can do it with the 42CS560 HDTV. Choose a VESA mounting device with a measurement of 200 mm x 200 mm. If you screw the TV and the VESA on the wall properly, you should not be worried that your unit is going to fall down soon. As an added precursor for this possible disaster, check your wall if it is sturdy or not. VESA devices are often made with durable and strong materials.

The stand on the 42CS560 is not static. You can swivel the TV up to 200 either to the left side or to the right. A remote control also comes in the package. The buttons and commands on this remote are very basic and look simple. LG seems to introduce only the commands you need when using this model. This is fine to many since they won’t get bogged down by other “confusing” buttons.

Decent Picture and Sound

The LG 42CS560 is not as big or as advance as its LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600 bigger cousin. But it does offer something of value to its buyers. There are still buyers who are not so ambitious to get an HDTV capable of showing 3D movies and offering online applications. They may prefer a simple but good quality TV set at a reasonable price. The 42CS560 might be their TV of choice.

Most users online ranked the picture quality of this LG model, decent to very good. The images are sharp and clear. Colors are vivid and lush. Except for signal interferences, watching shows on different TV stations do not affect these picture qualities. This holds true for watching movies on Blu-Ray or DVD players as well as playing games on video game consoles.

You can use the Picture Wizard II feature to easily calibrate your picture settings to match your taste. All you need to do is to access just press the ‘’Home” button on your remote, select “Set Up” option on screen, then hit “Picture” and finally press “Picture Wizard”. A menu appears to show ready-made templates for you to choose from. Each template has different pre-adjusted picture settings so that you don’t need to adjust those settings one-by-one.

There are at times, however, that the lighting in your room can affect the picture in your TV screen. This can make the picture too dim or too sharp in your eyes. This is where LG’s Intelligent Sensor technology comes to play. When light touches the 42CS560’s bezel frame, this technology automatically reduces or increases the picture sensitivity until it is right for your eyes. This eliminates the necessity of manually changing the picture settings each time a “different light” comes into your room. The Smart Energy Saving feature helps in reducing your power consumption when you watch shows on the CS560.

The built-in stereo quality in most televisions is notorious among users as weak or very bad. Others bought a separate sound system to boost the stereo sounds. The 42CS560’s don’t yield an AM radio-like sound or the booming sound of higher tier models. But it is acceptable. Most users find it crisp and audible to their ears.

Voices of actors in many films tend to get lost or weakened by the louder sound effects in the background. LG cured this problem by introducing the Clear Voice II technology. This feature makes the actors’ voices more audible to your ears amidst the exploding background sound. Access is as easy as in the Picture Wizard II option. Just press the “Home” on your remote, then hit the “Set up” on the screen, select the “Audio” tab and finally hit the “Clear Voice II” option. Turn on the Clear Voice II and select what level of audio sound you wish to hear. It’s all that simple and you’re now ready to go back watching your favorite movie or TV program.

Inputs and Outputs

Movie players like the Blu-Ray and DVD; video game consoles like the PS3, Xbox and the Wii; USBs; and cable box are a hit among the populace. All HDTVs nowadays have all sorts of inputs and outputs to connect all these devices. They do differ however in numbers and/or in availability. The LG 42CS560 has the conventional plug-ins like the ones for RF Antenna or Cable, AV and component video. But it also has other connections for USBs and HDMI-enabled devices.

HDMI is the latest compact connector interface for both video and audio. It transmits uncompressed digital data between the devices. What makes HDMI superior to the old connectors is that it can deliver better video and sound in your TV without interferences. HDMI connectors may be expensive to some but the reward is better picture and sound quality. The 42CS560 don’t have a VGA hook up for your PC. But if your computer has an HDMI connection, you should connect it to the TV without too much hassle. Most of the latest PCs have HDMIs.

Value for Your Money

Many people have used the LG 42CS560 and they gave this model a 3.8 star ranking in the accumulated online reviews. This TV may not look impressive like the LG 60LS5700 Smart HDTV. But its size and price is practical for those who are under tight budget. As shown in this review here, the 42CS560 can still deliver decent picture and sound quality to its owners.

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