LG 32LN5300 Review: Is this HDTV a Smart Buy?

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amazon us wide light LG 32LN5300 Review: Is this HDTV a Smart Buy?

We know that our loyal readers take their television viewing seriously. And that means that it’s important for all of our website visitors to get the best HDTV for their money. We have noticed that the LG 32LN5300 32 inch HDTV, like the other models from this series – both the LG Electronics LN5300 39LN5300 and the LG Electronics LN5300 42LN5300 – has been getting a lot of attention from online shoppers. So we decided to see if this TV is a smart buy or not.

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If you’re on a quest to get the best 32 inch HDTV for your hard-earned money, you’ll find that we have uncovered some important information for you in this LG HDTV review. So before you decide on the model that you’ll be ordering online, be sure that you read through this entire HDTV review to make sure this model is the one that is best suited for your home entertainment needs.

LG 32LN5300 Review – High Definition Resolution

An HDTV is really only as good as its picture quality. Yes, it’s true that lots of HDTVs these days can stream wireless data and do lots of other cool things. But at the end of the day a TV must offer you a high quality picture if it’s going to be of use in your home for watching TV programs, movies or sporting events. We wanted to see if the LG 32LN5300 32 inch flat screen TV offered our readers a high quality picture or not.

What we found is that this 32 inch model actually offers a higher resolution picture than most other 32 inch HDTVs. You see most 32 inch models give you a resolution rate of just 720. This model, on the other hand, gives you true 1080p high definition resolution. This higher resolution means that the picture is more detailed, brighter and crisper than you might expect. If you want nothing short of the most realistic picture when you sit down to enjoy movies or shows at home, you’ll be more than satisfied by the higher quality picture output the LG 32LN5300 HDTV is capable of providing.

Easy to Customize Picture Settings

Not everyone likes the picture settings that an HDTV provides right out of the box. Most of us like to customize the contrast rates, brightness levels and other key settings of our HDTVs. The LG 32LN5300 HDTV comes with a very cool Picture Wizard feature that is easy to use for customizing the picture quality to your heart’s content. You get to choose from pre-sets or to customize your own settings to get the picture looking exactly as you want it to. There’s no confusing menus to deal with or frustrating setting buttons. You just launch the Picture Wizard and you are on your way to setting things up to your own specifications in just seconds.

What about HDMI Ports?

We know that people have more home theater components and video game consoles than ever these days. And to make use of all those things you need a TV that offers plenty of high definition input ports. The LG 32LN5300 HDTV has two HDMI ports. We do wish that this model included at least three ports to allow for a cable input, a Blu-ray player and a video game console. However, most people who buy this TV don’t have need for three inputs. And since there are plenty of models in this price range that only offer one HDMI port, it’s nice to know that this model does offer you at least one more than some of those lower end HDTVs.

LG 32LN5300 HDTV Product Features and Details

  • Delivers an astounding picture thanks to the smart LG LED technology. This LED TV delivers bright, colorful, clear pictures on a gorgeous screen.
  • Doubles the picture resolution that you normally get from 32 inch models with its 1080p high definition resolution.
  • The built-in Picture Wizard makes it very simple to customize the picture settings.
  • Weighs in at a lightweight 14.8 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 29.6 x 8.2 x 19.6 inches.
  • Energy Star feature allows you to get more energy efficiency from this HDTV.
  • 2 HDMI input ports.
  • 60Hz refresh rate for a smooth picture.
  • 1 USB input port.


Customer LG 32LN5300 Reviews

If you’re serious about only purchasing the TV that is perfect for your home entertainment needs, you probably want to know what real life customers think about this model. We knew that you would, so we made sure to research all of the available customer testimonials and reviews while we were putting this LG HDTV review together.

We found 76 detailed customer reviews online. With all the review scores tallied, this model earned a positive 4.1 out of 5.0 star customer satisfaction rating. Many of the online reviewers said that this is the best 32 inch flat screen TV in this price range. And while there were some folks who voiced some minor complaints, the majority of online reviewers reported that they really enjoy this TV and nearly all the reviewers gave this model very high customer satisfaction scores while posting their online reviews.

Our LG 32LN5300 Review Conclusion

Now that we are coming in on the closing of this LG 32 inch HDTV review, you have the facts before you to make your TV purchasing decision. This model does deliver a higher resolution picture than most other 32 inch HDTVs. And it has also earned some pretty rave reviews and high scores from real life people who have purchased this TV for their own at home entertainment needs. When you factor those things in along with the LG reputation for creating high quality, affordable electronics, it is easy to understand why this model is a perpetual best seller. If you want a basic 32 inch TV with superior picture quality, this model is one that you should consider adding to the top of your wish list!

amazon us wide light LG 32LN5300 Review: Is this HDTV a Smart Buy?


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