Coby LEDTV1526 Review: Another Flat Screen TV for the Masses

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Some people stated that knowing the quality differences among small televisions is marginal. But reviews are written regarding the capability of smaller HDTVs. This will continue to do so. It is obvious anyway. People still buy smaller sets for different reasons. Space and affordability tops the reasoning list. Here, we have the Coby LEDTV1526 for review. Coby TVs may not measure against the top giants of the industry, but it seems to position itself rather well on the market. The obvious reason is that they are a good number of people buying Coby sets.

Coby LEDTV1526 Coby LEDTV1526 Review: Another Flat Screen TV for the Masses

Special Features and Other Technical Details

  • Super-slim 15-inch widescreen TFT-LED TV with an aesthetic appeal
  • Connects computers with its 15-pin VGA interface
  • 5.1 S/PDIF Audio for a digital theater sound quality
  • Better pixel rendition with Digital Noise Reduction
  • Energy Star 3.0 certified
  • HDMI connection for superb audio and video signal transmission
  • Has V-Chip, CC and EPG support
  • Full range 6-watt built-in speakers with digital comb filter and noise reduction

Picture and Physical Dimensions

Coby uses a TFT-LCD panel display on this model. TFT, which means Thin Film Transistor, uses Thin-Film transistor technology to better improve television image quality. Since 2006, TFTs are making inroads in the TV market — almost displacing CRT technology of the old TVs. The LEDTV1526’s native display resolution is at 720p. This is the same resolution that the Coby LED-TV3226 uses. This is OK. Viewers find it great on smaller sets — almost to the point of being normal. Color is lush, details are vivid and the contrast levels are evenly distributed. There are picture settings you can freely adjust if you are not satisfied with the default setting. Its contrast ratio is 3,000:1 and aspect ratio is 16:9.

The panel display size is at 15.6 inches. The TV’s width is at 15.67 inches; while its height and depth is at 1.48 inches and 10.84 inches respectively. It weighs 5.06 pounds. Hence the Coby LEDTV1526 is lighter. The bezel frame and stand are both black and glossy. You should not have any problems in terms of weight if you want to mount this TV on your wall. If so desired, then buy a VESA device with a mounting pattern of 75mm x 75mm. Just make sure that your wall is sturdy enough not get major cracks when screwed with a mounting device.

Built-in Speakers and Other Sound Enhancements

Sound matters second to users. We don’t live in the Silent Movie Era anymore. The LEDTV1526 received mixed reactions from its users. This is to be expected from smaller TV models. Speakers have little room inside a 15-inch TV; hence, the weaker sound. But you can turn this thing around if you adjust the audio settings. One user adjusted the 1526’s sound and it came out surprisingly good. But if you are determined to hear a booming sound, then it is suggested that you should check out for Surround sound systems or the sound bars. These two are top favorites of users. They gave the sound you are dying to hear.

If you happen to own a Surround Sound receiver or any compatible audio devices, this Coby brand has a built-in 5.1 S/PDIF Audio feature. This feature claims to enhance the digital theatrical sound of your sound devices.

Audio inputs include the component, RCA composite and others. The TV has also an output for headphones.

The built-in stereos are at full-range with 6 watts of power. It also uses digital comb filter and noise reduction technologies.

Connecting to Other Devices

Plugging in your devices into your TV is the other half of the fun. The Coby LEDTV1526 is not an exception. What TV that doesn’t do this? This Coby TV has many connections. From traditional jacks to the more advanced HDMIs.

Small TVs seem to abound with many gamers — perhaps due to their affordability. Anyway, the game play and graphics are displayed very well on its TFT screen. If you sleep in a small room, then a 15-inch TV should be a practical advantage.

Movie players like Blu-Ray and DVD can be connected without too much hassle. The picture and sound quality remain the same. The colors and contrast levels are as vivid as before.

If you have a PC then you are lucky. The LEDTV1526 has a 15-pin VGA input to allow the connection of your computer. Who knows, you might see a clearer picture on screen than on your computer monitor.

HDMI is worth mentioning here, since this HDTV has a single port for it. HDMI is an acronym for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It transmits uncompressed digital video and audio data to your TV. HDMI delivers better video and audio quality than the traditional connector interfaces. HDMIs are usually expensive, but this is not always the case Try shopping around just in case if you get a cheaper deal. Once you have an HDMI connector, you can hook up your devices to see or hear top quality content on screen.

Energy Star Certification

The Coby LEDTV1526 has met the Energy Star 3.0 qualifications as well as that of California’s Energy Commission Standards. So you are assured that you are operating an eco-friendly TV.

If you are concerned in giving your children with this TV set, then worry no more. The 1526 has a V-chip Parental Control technology that filters children and adult programming. It is also HDCP compliant to support devices with HDCP content.

Other interesting features include in this TV are the Closed-Caption, Electronic Program Guide and Multi-language OSD. So if you are fond using these features, they are worth to take a look in the 1526 LED TV.

So, this model is Indeed a Good Small HDTV?

Since this is a Coby LEDTV1526 review, you are free to buy it or not. There are many reviews out there which tackle this Coby brand and most of them awarded it with a star rating of 3.1 overall. So it’s pretty average. But then again many people are buying average, small and cost-effective TVs. This is practical since we are having a gloomy economy these days. But again, the choice is yours to make.

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